Vortex by Annie Zalezsak




The Creative Source

Our very origin is also the place from where creativity wells up. We are the vessel through which it can be poured. It flows, harnessed by our human-ness, our character or personality, and puts the stamp of uniqueness on anything we create. The resulting creation is an expression of the creative source. There are countless forms and formats, never ending, ever-perpetuated if we choose.

Being Creative

Wait patiently. Listen, poised and ready. Observe the creative force bubbling up inside until... Now. It floods forward, through the hands and onto a canvas. Or onto paper in the form of words. Or into speech, performance or invention.

We Are All Creative

And it is this creativity that makes and designs this life we live.

Discover Your Creative Courage

Visit The Process page to find out about the Creative Courage process facilitated by Annie Zalezsak.


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