Peaceful Sea by Annie Zalezsak

Sound Waves by Annie Zalezsak



Creative Flow

Once we have committed to self expression, it is time to leap into a creative flow and immerse ourselves deeply. Swimming with the flow is not only wise in all facets of life; it’s absolutely essential to a genuine creative process.

Going With the Flow

Going with the flow is about forsaking any and all resistance. It’s about gently riding the wave of acceptance. It’s about being open to the fruition of potential. It’s abandoning any and all fear in favour of what might be. It’s allowing. It’s giving yourself permission to be and do what feels most right in this moment.

Knowing You’re In

We know we’re in the flow when it feels good. Time is non-existent. There is no judgment, no analysis, no brain-work going on. Awareness is on the soul level. There is no logic or dilemma. There is no decision-making. What happens, happens. Simple as that. That is being in the flow.

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