Healer by Annie Zalezsak




Pure Creative Flow is Healing

In order for the human being to heal, he must allow. Allowing means accepting the Self completely as it is, and allowing the Self to take the form unimpinged, unhindered, Be-ing exactly who the Self is. This is how the spirit heals the body.

Healing the Self

Taking responsibility for one’s own healing path involves submitting to one’s own natural, innate creative flow. Allowing the creation process to flow completely without question, without restraint, is to allow healing to occur.

Healing, be it in the body or the mind, is an act of perpetual re-creation. As molecules and cells evolve, process, metabolize… so do they heal.

Healing is a creative process. Creativity is a healing process. The two are like the yin yang symbol, interlinked and balanced counterparts of one whole sameness.

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