Self Expression

Gabrielle by Annie Zalezsak


Art of Self Expression:
I Dare You

Self expression is a brave action. It takes confidence and self belief. It requires knowing oneself well enough to be able to articulate, not just verbally, but visually and dynamically, precisely who we are.

Knowing Oneself

In adolescence, a quest in self discovery begins. We observe all those around us, and emulate what appeals. But it can take a long time to truly ‘find yourself’. We hunt high and low, near and far, for something to connect, to ‘click’, to make us feel at home. Sadly, not everyone becomes completely comfortable in their own skin. Yet, as we grow older, the likelihood of relaxing into our authentic selves increases. By the time we reach this stage of self acceptance, we’ve already experimented with legitimate self expression. As we embrace ourselves completely, self expression becomes not only easier, but imperative!

Putting Yourself ‘Out There’

It’s scary because you may be ostracized. People may not like you. But being authentic is worth it. We cannot please everyone; but if we are being true to ourselves, then we can at least guarantee that one person will always be happy. You.

Do it. Being You, is all you have to give.

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