The Process

2014.01.01 'Prosperity' family painting

2014.01.01 Family painting with 'prosperity' intention

2014.03.01 'Festival' Painting with Hilarie

2014.03.01 Annie, Hilarie and Marcel

2014.04.12 Art with Nicole

2014.04.12 Annie and Nicole


The Creative Courage Process

Many people have preconceptions about what an artwork must be. They expect it to be a perfect masterpiece, and that they must plan in advance what it should be.

Rarely do they consider the powerful impact of the creative process itself. Yet, this is the most important part, and the whole purpose of true art.

It is a challenge to get past the internal self-critic. Art is about diving into the freedom of liberated, emancipated self-expression.

I facilitate the Creative Courage process based on the ideas presented on this website.

I facilitate individuals, families and groups that create an intentional painting together.

Intention or Focus

Families or teams may choose to work together to manifest a painting that is symbolic or representative of an intention, focus, or agreement that they have made with each other. A painting solidifies the commitment. It emulates on an esoteric level what they have agreed to create together in form and in life.

The intention can be anything, any purpose, any arrangement. A formal agreement can be written and signed by all participants. It will be a part of the ritual of the artwork in progress.


Individuals who have battled with their belief systems, external criticism, or internal doubt, will find liberation in a one-to-one creative process. Freeing mind and soul, they will learn how to break out of old stifling habits and trust their instincts. They will discover they can love whatever comes up, and see beauty in their work and in themselves.


Materials and tools are supplied.

The process lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours. This may vary depending on the size of the group, the desired painting size, and the focus.

Price for the session starts at $120.

Please use the contact form to book a session.


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